Falk Wünsch Artistpage

The young German composer Falk Wünsch began to create his own melodies by the age of six. Since 2014 he collects profound experiences as a composer and as a performer on stage. Very soon he found his own style for orchestration and his love for diverse instruments, such as guitar, accordion and finally piano. Melodies rise out of great sound environments and impress with new discovered sounds, which create an atmosphere of its own. Every track he's created is his own work. In this, expressions, depth, emotion and elegance are elements, which seem to grow with every new composition. He published his very first album "LIVE", which you can find on amazon or something else. Motivated by his dream - to write music for a great movie. Ich bin geboren am 18.08.1997 in Thüringen, Deutschland. Alle Tracks werden von mir in vielen Arbeitsstunden eigenständig komponiert, produziert und gemastert.